May 26, 2011

To buy, or not to buy, THAT is the question

Someone please advise, asap.  Remember when I was trying The 30-Day Method?  Well, it lasted 8 days because another 28-day visitor interrupted and made me very grouchy.  I told myself if I completed the workout and got back into pre-baby shape, I would get to reward myself with one of these bathing suits.  Since I didn't complete it, and am so far from pre-baby shape that I look like I'm having another baby, I have not even thought about getting into a bathing suit.

Until today.  We're headed to the beach for Memorial Day weekend so I looked at a couple of my favorite swimsuits online.  Turns out my favorite one is on sale!  For more than HALF-OFF!  Half-off, people!

So here's the question: do I buy the bathing suit even though it may not look as good on me as I'd like, or do I not buy it as the consequence for not following through on my workout?  Do I really need to learn a lesson right now?  There are many more summers and many more pounds to go before I really need consequences, right? I mean, look how pretty she is:

Here's another question: if you are working out regularly AND a full-time working mother of a young toddler, cooking healthy meals and keeping your house clean, how do you do it all?  I get it, "schedule in the workout", but how do you even have the energy to get it all done???

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Anonymous said...

I'm right there with ya... but for the record, you look amazing :)


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