March 3, 2011

le sigh

It's almost the weekend and I'm ready to retire to my weekend home in the South of France.  What?  I don't have a weekend home in France?  Or a weekend home anywhere?  Hmph.  Guess I'll have to live in pictures:

 So much natural light and modern cement floors mixed with rustic natural elements. 
le sigh.

 I imagine a little hobbit lives inside that wooden mini-door in the kitchen island.  
Any time I see a mini-door, I imagine a hobbit is on the other side. 
Or a gnome.  Is there a difference between the two? 

I love this giant wood dining table with simple metal chairs.  
What a wonderful place to enjoy a lovely weekend 
brunch with my new Parisian friends.

And then I'll spend the rest of the afternoon soaking in a sunlit bath with a good book 
(because it's not a good idea to bring a laptop in the bathtub).
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hurricanekerrie said...

Do you also watch (gawk) at House Hunters and House Hunters International and Property Virgins on HGTV? Haha I loooove looking at homes, too, trying to gather ideas on my perfect dream home.


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