March 17, 2011

{DIY} tshirt scarves

Did you remember to wear your green today to celebrate St. Pat's?  No?  Neither did I.  But I did find a cool idea to "go green" instead.

What you need: an old t-shirt or two, scissors, an hour...

And voila!  A new-ish t-shirt scarf!


  1. Find old cotton t-shirts.  Preferably the non-ribbed and stretchy soft variety.
  2. Lay the shirt out fla and cut the hem off the bottom.
  3. Cut the shirt into 1 to 1-1/2 inch horizontal strips from the bottom up to the arms.
  4. Take a few strips at a time and gently stretch them out, either with your hands, or wrap them around something wide overnight.
  5. After you've stretched out all the strips, you can start combining them, braiding, twisting, mixing colors, or whatever your creative, DIY heart desires.
UPDATE: Check out how I wore my own DIY t-shirt scarf here.  
Many more options than shown above!

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