February 21, 2011

Sonoma style


This 1937 cottage in Sonoma, California was purchased and designed to be a weekend retreat for the handsome couple above, one of which is a Bay Area school counselor.  Ok, design stuff aside, my school counselors were never so adorable......and do school counselors in California make enough to have a weekend home in Sonoma?  If so, I took the wrong career path and am making an immediate u-turn.

Now, on to the house...

Yes, those are ebony stained oak floors and a hand-forged steel fireplace surround (covering the original brick) - but notice the sliding barn door in front of the staircase. swoon

The kitchen shelving uses reclaimed wood and vintage silk bobbins used to as support.  So clever!

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The rest of the house uses salvaged finds like the piece of machinery with a marble top as the bathroom sink, an old bullet cap as the pendant light fixture in the bedroom, and a carpenter's work bench with a vintage propeller lamp as the bar.

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You can read more about the home here and here.  And if you know the homeowners, you can tell them my suitcase is packed and we're ready for our weekend in wine country!

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