February 17, 2011

A sight for sore eyes

Have you heard of Warby Parker?  Oh, you have?  Great.  So I'll try not to be mad at you for withholding this information before I spent $300+ on a pair of new prescription glasses when I could have bought a much cooler pair for $95 AND also given another pair to someone in need!

Yes, that's right.  Uber cool frames and prescription lenses are only $95!  (I swear this is not an infomercial.  But wait!  There's more!  If you buy now, they'll throw in an over-the-door sweater razor!)

Warby Parker is doing for glasses what someone should do for shoes (and I don't mean the cheap,wear-one-season-stuff).  Affordable, stylish, and giving back to non-profits.  You can do a virtual try-on at home or have them send you 5 pairs to try on for free.  Seriously - shoe makers - are you reading this???

Check out their whole story here.  You're welcome.

1 comment:

Shy, Chesterfield said...

Those glasses are so awesome!! I really need some new ones! :O I"m going to check them out RIGHT NOW!!!



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