February 16, 2011

Mini me's

If I had children that I didn't know about, these two would be them.  My fall weekend wardrobe consisted of a white tee, skinny jeans and an infinity scarf.  But kid #1 upped my cool look with his moccasins.  And kid #2 has better dance moves than me.  Guess they're not mine after all.

images via

Check out this collection from Canada-based, Mini Mioche.  Their new denim line of soft, stretchy skinny unisex jeans, cardigans and tees are just what my little Bitty needs.  And it's all organic, to boot!


hurricanekerrie said...

Haha! Too cute. I have lots of really "fashionable" kids in my classroom but none of them can stand a scarf around their necks. But these two are adorable!

Elaine said...

That little boy is too cute.


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