February 23, 2011

Hot for teacher

The top and skirt happened to be hanging next to each other in my (currently) disorganized closet so I decided that it would be today's outfit.  I thought it would be a little J. Crew-ish, but instead I felt like a teacher in a pencil skirt, striped button-up and pearls. Not that there's anything wrong with being a teacher.  A super hot, well-dressed, teacher.

Anyway....getting to my point, I have a long triple-strand necklace, but thought the look needed something chunkier and closer to the neck.  So here's my quickie solution:


Fancy, huh?  I can't take credit because I actually took the idea from Elaine.  (I used two necklaces because I didn't have any ribbon.)  Asians are like, the smartest people ever.   They would be even smarter if they had some ribbon laying around.  But maybe using another necklace instead makes me a super genius.


hurricanekerrie said...

Yeah, Asians are really genius. I agree. I'm not even kidding. Haha!

That is a great solution! Two necklaces= instant pizazz! Genius.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant!! You really can't get enough pearls!


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