October 21, 2010

The cure for cold ankles

image via J. Crew catalog
You may have seen this look for a while now, or this may be completely new to you, but socks with heels are not just for your 80-yr-old grandmother. 

image via
This is a tricky look for people, but done right, it can make an outfit more fun and modern.  Here are some tips to help you pull this look off:
  • Pick thin (nylon, cashmere, silk) ankle socks to wear with heels.  If you wear a thicker sock, wear a heavier shoe, like a wedge, clog or desert boot.
  • Make sure it hits at the top, or thinnest part, of your ankle for the most flattering look. 
  • A neutral color sock or one the color of your shoe is the easiest, but you can also mix it up.
  • Wear something short on top - at least above the knee or shorter - so you don't end up looking like your mee-maw with her long granny skirt and the hem of her slip sticking out of the bottom.
  • You can also wear an over-the-knee sock with a flat shoe or boot, unless it reminds you too much of your prep-school days and getting smacked in the knuckles with a ruler.
What do you think?  Are you going to try it?

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