September 5, 2012

I heart this sweater

Remember this sweater from last fall? Well guess who's having a sale??? The sweater is now at J. Crew outlet for $75, BUT right now it's on sale for 40% off, which makes it $45. And if you spend $120 or more, you receive another 20% off, making it only $36 (vs. last year's full retail price $88). So go ahead and buy them in both colors. Someone else may or may not have.

Another little tip: J. Crew factory has a new online shop launching in October. Go to now and sign up to receive free shipping til Nov 1 and 20% off on your birthday. Personally, I find the factory product fits a little different than full-price stores, but my husband loves their soft cotton tees, so he loads up here. Happy shopping!

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