May 8, 2012

{chic find} maternity wear

It was in the 90's this past weekend, with a heat index of 100. It's been humid and sticky - and it's only the beginning of May. The thought of the five more months of this, with an ever-increasing belly and an ever-decreasing patience level (dwindling as the mercury rises), makes me want to spend the rest of our existence (just in case the Mayans are right), on the Pacific Northwest, or maybe Canada. I guess if I'm day dreaming about where I'll spend the end of days, I should also consider all the places in Europe that I've never visited.

But I digress....

I was in the mall today, so I popped into Forever 21 to quickly pick up a belly band from their maternity line. [Side note: I find it ironic - or maybe just a sad state of our country - that a store called "Forever 21" offers a maternity line.] Maybe I wasn't the only one that felt this way, because they cut this line. But today was my lucky day. There were a few maternity pieces left on the sale rack that I almost passed over. I bought 4 belly panels and 3 pairs of maternity skinny jeans (which are basically just jean leggings with a softer, loose waist band), a tank top, a chiffon tunic and sheer dress all for...wait for it...under $85! The bands and jeans were only $5 and $6 each - less than my lunch!

Forget that Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue are currently running their "one-day" sales. (BTW - Neiman's and Saks have some of their Spring merchandise marked at 20-30% off for the next two days, then it goes back up to full price. They've also marked down some older Spring styles. My friend bought Current Elliot colored jeans for $50! <-- See how I think jeans at Neiman's on sale for $50 are a such good deal, but I refuse to pay $20 for a belly band at Gap?)

Where was I going with this post? Oh yes, some days, it's the little things - and the little things that are growing into large, round, waddling things - that can make one's day.

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Bambino by the Bay said...

Your post made me laugh! I think it's funny too that Forever 21 had a maternity line. I don't think that is exactly their target clientele! But at least you scored some awesome things!


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