January 7, 2012

Happy weekend

This is what the last 2 weeks has looked like around here. Same outfit, same warm spot on the couch, same barking seal cough. I've been sick since Thanksgiving and evidently, I can look to stay sick until the Bean is about 5. Then it's a whole different set of dirty elementary school germs. If you have an older child, you know what I mean. If you have one under a year old, this is what you have to look forward to. Mine didn't have so much as a runny nose until he turned one and once we put him in 'school' for two half-days, he was sick every other week. How do little things carry such big germs???

Anyway, I've been on somewhat of a social media fast. No Twitter,  no blogging, no Pinterest. (I know I'm holding my iPad above, but I was probably reading email or magazine. The iPad is great for reading blogs, but not so easy to comment on them.) I'm looking forward to spending tonight catching up on my favorite blogs and seeing what the rest of the world is up to!

Aren't my weekend evenings so exciting? How has your new year been so far?

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