January 15, 2012

Designer doodie

You've probably heard me preach the 3-outfit-rule many times on this blog (and even on other blogs), so here's to putting my outfit where my preach is. This is outfit #2 with the mustard sweater. Outfit #1 was pretty lame but what do you expect from someone with half-a-lung that's been in bed all week?

This mustard sweater is the perfect example of how something looks like a good idea in the store, in expensive lighting, but closely resembles the color of baby poop in real life. You may not be able to tell in this photo, as this photo seems to be the most flattering picture I've taken of myself in a long time. (If only I were wearing make-up!) Seriously, I look insanely skinnier than I really am (on the right) but it's just the lighting! How can I walk around back-lit for the rest of my life?

1 comment:

Canadianpetite said...

I don't remember where I read that condiments belong in hotdogs rather than as clothing. I wore mustard and olive in my early twenties then couldn't stand them. Now I'm back to loving them altho, like you say here…sometimes looks like poo!


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