November 12, 2011

Hats off

The truth behind today's look: my hair was beyond 'messy ponytail' and had entered into 'pre-dreadlock' state. So when I had to run a quick errand before having a chance to shower, I was left with no choice but to throw a hat over this mess. Unfortunately, I don't wear hats, even though I love them. This one, originally my grandfather's, is the only one I own. (In other news, my head is as large as my grandfather's.) 

Despite a few awkward stares (mostly from older men - did they own a hat like this?), I liked my new accessory. I think I may even branch out into more styles. A big floppy hat? Maybe a beanie? Or a fur trapper! Think of all the bad hair days this will save! And good-bye showers!

Do you wear hats? What's your favorite style?
And what do you do to hide bad hair days?

PS - do you like my new shoes? Major score for $14.99 at Target! They were the only pair left in the clearance rack - which I happened to be walking past on the way to check out (and not even looking at shoes), so it was meant to be. Happy shopping trip accomplished.


courtney - larking. said...

Love the hat. I have a similar one I bought at Forever 21 years ago -- but I never wear it, because I look like an idiot in hats (perhaps because I have a giant head -- probably much bigger than your grandfather's). I try it on periodically, sigh, and then put it back on the shelf!

Finley said...

Courtney - that's so funny because I felt like an idiot all morning but sucked it up because it was better than feeling like a dirty greasy-headed trash monkey.

I have a giant head too, so I can totally relate. Sometimes I don't know how I sit in a chair without falling off balance. I must have really strong neck and ab muscles.

Canadianpetite said...

I would love to own a hat like this one!

Anna said...

love this look, i could wear that outfit everyday. my hat days are every 3rd days - the first day of the cycle it's hair down, 2nd day hair up and third day: hat and time to wash hair again!

Finley said...

Canadianpetite-thanks! I love it!

Anna-hilarious. This was about day 4... ;)

The Hidden List said...

I LOVE hats! I wish I could wear one to work to hide dirty hair...that way I could go one more day before I have to wash it again...your grandfather's hat is adorbz!


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