November 8, 2011

Gray days and blue jeans

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I'm pretty sure I got dressed in under a minute this morning, which is record time for me. A white-button up (with the looks-effortless-but-actually-just-lazy front tuck), new colored denim, suede peep-toe booties, a couple long necklaces and I was out the door. I usually roll up the sleeves of everything, but this time, I kept them long and left the cuffs unbuttoned to add to the polished-effortless look.

I used to have this thing where I couldn't wear bright colors on gray days, but today I threw caution to the wind and wore my bright, happy pants even though it was dark and dreary. I'm such a risk taker.

Do you have any personal fashion *things*? 
And not wearing white after Labor Day doesn't count. That's just silly.


Juggling in Heels said...

Love the look! I tend to always fall back on black, white and grey so I am working on updating the wardrobe with actual color. Completely outside my comfort zone!

Finley said...

JiH - I wear black/gray ALL winter. Hoping to work my blue and red jeans into more outfits this season!

Patricia Villamil said...

You look so fashionable in an effortlessly way! Love the shoes!

Anna said...

my thing was that things had to match all the time - and thanks to blogging and print mixing i've thrown that 'thing' out of the window. in fact thanks to blogging i've thrown lots of fashion 'things' out... and being a Mom, you also throw 'things' out...

btw love the double necklace - am totally doing the same thing myself these days - when i wear one i think hang on this looks silly and i add another, what's with that?

Finley said...

Patricia - Thank you!

Anna - If I wore prints, I'd mix them all the time! Unfortunately, I gravitate to solids or stripes. And I don't think I'm physically able to just wear one necklace. ;)


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