November 17, 2011

Giving the finger

Do you like my new ring??? I'm so excited about it. One: I feel uber cool wearing a knuckle ring. Like when I got my teal banana clip in third grade and could pull my hair into side ponytail. (I looked so foreign.) And two: orange and navy zigzags - looove.

So I drove to work with it on this finger and stared at it the whole drive, but because I'm right-handed, and this ring doesn't bend much, I switched to the middle finger of my left hand....which later turned out to come in handy.

You see, today, I was minding my own business, walking on an elevated area towards the parking lot when a guy in a car yelled, "Excuse me, ma'am?" Because I'm now old enough to be called a ma'am, I turned to look...only to see a guy...pleasuring himself in his car!!! YES. That's right. It was a drive by flashing.

I've never seen anything like this! We had a flasher on our college campus once, but I missed it. And I've heard of this type of thing happening to women in parking lots, but I've personally never witnessed any such thing. Today, the freak-stars were aligned.

So I kind of gave this surprised shriek....and then showed him my new ring.

He sped off before I could get a picture or his license, but I did run and tell the nearby police officer. It felt like such an after-school special.


courtney - larking. said...

Oh my god. You are very cool under pressure! Bet he loved the ring...

kitty said...

ack! this happened to me in high school-a creep pulled up next to me and asked for directions, but was wiggling suspiciously! guess that's what we get for being 16 and driving home from the lake in our bikinis....

The Hidden LIst said...

OK...I already knew this, but now it's totally official. You're my most stylish friend. Period.

katie. said...

where i live a guy did that to a girl and she got him on video driving next to her and then driving was all over the news for DAYS, asking if people knew who the guys was!!
cute ring :)


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