November 2, 2011


If I buy nothing else all season (which is so not a reality), I will buy a fun piece of jewelry. I may be wearing an old sweater and jeans, but my new bling will make me feel like I have a whole new look. So when JewelMint asked if I'd be be interested in reviewing their product, it took all of .2 seconds to say "yes please!"

If you haven't heard of JewelMint, it is a new jewelry club designed by Kate Bosworth and her stylist. Once you sign up and take their online style quiz, they send you a new piece of jewelry each month that matches your particular style. It's like a little birthday gift in your mailbox every month.

To be honest, not all of the jewelry was my particular aesthetic (which is the point of the style quiz - hellooo), but I did find a few pieces that I was dying for. It was hard to choose! The first piece I received - featured in this post - is the Midnight Soiree Ring with a green glass cabochon stone. I love the antique gold setting and the size of the ring on my small hand is all the jewelry I need. I'd wear it with a neutral cable-knit sweater and skinny jeans on the weekends, but love the mix of wine and green here. And a chunky knit and statement ring need a good shoe to anchor the look, so what's better than a harness boot?

Click the links to view or purchase above items:
1 cable knit sweater 49 (orig 69) ||  2 jeans 180 (other colors here for 44) ||  3 ring 29.99  || 4 boot 228

This ring is the new favorite in my accessory collection and definitely going into heavy rotation this fall. To find your new favorite JewelMint piece, click here, then share your thoughts in the comments below!


Patricia Villamil said...

I love this look, and you're right that ring it's fabulous!

Veronica Popoiacu said...

Love the ring !

The Hidden List said...

I have a problem...I wear my Frye boots too much...I have a ton of really cool vintage cowboy boots, but I can't stop wearing my Frye's...Glad to see that you picked them for this look...hopefully I won't feel so guilty every time I put them on...

Finley said...

THL - LOL! I love Frye boots!! You shouldn't feel guilty, just remind your cowboy boots you still love them but the Frye's are super needy. ;)


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