October 5, 2011

Jason Wu for Target

I really wanted the title of this post to be:
Knock knock.
Wu's there?
Wu Who!
Don't cry! He's coming to Target!

Clearly, I have not had enough sleep since I can't stop giggling about this. Something not as funny - I think I ran into him today. I looked right at this Asian man, decided he wasn't my brother (as I originally thought when walking up to him), gave a half-smile, and walked off. A few things to note about this encounter: 1) need vision checked, 2) even Asians think all Asians look alike, and 3) if there is a stylishly dressed man holding a notebook and looks to be sketching something, say hello. I could have been his next muse. If one of the pieces he designs is a lime green/gray tweed sweater, pleated skirt and riding boots - we'll all know who inspired the look. (Thumbs pointing at me)---> This guy.

So this Jason Wu - maybe you've heard of him. He designed a dress for a Lady going to a Ball. Yeah, just that. No big. I'm interested to see how he translates his designs into something more wearable to the masses.

Are you familiar with Jason Wu? Have you seen any of his designs in person? What did you think?

graphic created by mommy chic. images via


Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

Who is Jason Wu..LOL you are probably dying right now but I don't have a clue!

Stephanie @ henry happened said...

Love your knock knock joke! :) Wonder if he will cause a Target stampede like Missoni??

closetfashionfix said...

I can't wait to see what's coming from this line. I hope to be able to buy some in the actual store this time, unlike with the Missoni craze!

anna said...

hahaha you crack me up, thanks for making this a happy Friday for me!


The HIdden List said...

Love the jokes and how you crack yourself up!
I hope that this collection keeps the quality in check like Missoni...I can see how this one could easily slip into the "cheap quality/tacky" category, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed!


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