September 14, 2011

Zigzagged daze

Did you go to Target yesterday? If not, you're the only one. I stopped by one store in the afternoon (you know, for the blog) and the Missoni displays were completely empty. Evidently, they were empty within the first hour. I was a little surprised since I was in a part of town that required specific "accessories" (i.e. pepper spray), so I went to one closer to home and managed to find a few remnants of the morning Missoni madness.

Here's what I left with:

Above: big floppy brown hat, brown/gold sleeveless shell, girls' rain boots, girls' ballet flats, nesting bowls. The girls' stuff is so cute, I was wishing I had a daughter at that moment. Or would my son notice that I dressed him in a pink capelet and matching skirt? Hmmm...

Honestly, I doubt I'm keeping any of it. I just got zigzagged tunnel vision when I saw the bright orange tags, bargain prices, and limited quantity (hello, marketing sucker here). So if you want any of it, email me. The top is XS, the shoes are girls' size 4. I know, redic. I'm a womens sz 6 and those rain boots run huge. The flats are pretty tight, but the back is elastic so there is some stretch. Oh who am I kidding - I'm just used to tight shoes from having my feet bound as a young Chinese girl. (Kidding. Really.)

What do you think about Missoni for Target? Did you find anything?


Anna said...

i love the floppy hat, the flats and the dishes. It is bright though isn't it? but i guess that's the point.... but the timid part of me couldn't wear things with those bright zizags. Nice work though, plenty of bloggers seemed to miss out on getting stuff. The pepper spray must've worked!

1 Funky Woman said...

I was at Target today and a fair amount was still there. I did look for the rain books for my daughter but no such luck. I'll be checking back though.

I didn't see the dishes but the luggage was adorable and very tempting.

I hope they get some purses in, I'm sure they would be amazing!


Juggling in Heels said...

Being on vacation, I completely missed out but was lucky enough that a friend thought of me and pick up a scarf for me and a dress for my little girl. This may have been a good thing though. I mean, I would have grabbed everything too and then what would I have done with it all???? Keep the dishes for sure. Oh, and the floppy hat :)


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