September 8, 2011

Wild Things

One of the classic pieces you will always have in your wardrobe is animal print. Consider animal another neutral. A leopard print pump can go back with any dress and add an unexpected twist to an outfit. And a zebra print top under a leopard cardigan or jacket is just as good as mixing stripes and dots. Yes, you read that correctly. You can mix your animal prints - if they can live in the wild together, they can live in your closet together.

Yes, there is a lot of wildlife in this outfit, but you don't go to fashion shows to see something boring.  (Ok, this is just a line from one of the fashion presentations I did earlier.)  The stripes will be toned down once you throw the jacket on and the snakeskin accessories add texture.  Wide leg jeans bring a 70's chic to the look, rather than skinny jeans that just make it more like Jersey Shore.  Or Peg Bundy - depending on how old you are, you can choose which reference you relate to. (It would be the latter for me. I've never watched a second of Jersey Shore.)

And b-t-dub...if you have a sec, put in a vote for me, won't you?  Thank you!

1 comment:

Carly said...

loving those booties w just a hint of animal print.
Great pick.


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