September 30, 2011

Ready for some football?

It's fall and football season, which means, inevitably, I'll be going to some football watching party and hanging out near the food table Tweeting about how I have no idea what's going on. I enjoy all the fun and cheering and camaraderie, but really, I'm there for the food.

Since the weather in Texas is fickle, I have two bottoms prepared for my game watching outfit: cutoff denim shorts or my favorite red jeans (which I will likely be wearing most of fall).

Click to view or purchase:
baseball tee 42.50  ||  hat 21.95 ||  shorts 14.80  ||  red jeans 196 ||  shoes138

Do you like watching football? Who's your favorite team?


Stephanie @ henry happened said...

I love watching football on Sunday (I'm more of an NFL gal than college). Love my home state Tennessee Titans!

Anna said...

i love the red jeans and wan some -have you seen some good, cheaper alternatives?

Finley said...

Anna - I bought mine at Zara this summer for $39! I haven't been lately, they may have them in stock again. I've seen them at 'fast fashion' stores (ie F21) but the color was not very rich. Colored jeans and pants are big this season so we'll be seeing them at all price points. I'll keep a look out for you!


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