August 9, 2011

Valentino studded pump

Remember these gorgeous Valentino Studded Pumps (they also come in black with nude strap)?  Well guess what I found at Nordstrom on sale for $50?!?

No, they're not really like the Valentino's, but they're actually more practical for every day wear-to-work.  The heel is a manageable to run around all day and there's no over-dramatic ankle strap.

Which do you prefer?   
(Ok, if I didn't feel guilty for spending $900 on shoes, I'd buy the Valentino's.  Well, I'd buy them on sale.  Pre-baby, pre-stock-market-crash days.  The one in 2008.  Not the one going on now.  wonk wonk.)


Juggling in Heels said...

LOVE! May have to get some for myself! Perfect kitten heel....and sassy of course!

Katherine said...

Wow, great find! And I agree that they are infinitely more practical :)

The Hidden List said...

Love them!


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