August 2, 2011

It's Britney, b*tch

Source: Pinterest*

This picture could have been me 12 years and 10 pounds ago.  Remember that time?  20-something, no real responsibilities, cocktails until the bar closed, Jack-in-the-Box Ultimate Cheeseburgers at 2am, workouts the next day, and not one calorie stuck to your midsection.  Unlike nowadays, when the calories not only stick, they hang on for dear life - as if your gut and thighs are the only place for fat cells to grow and multiply.  If only we could shift that weight into our post-breast-feeding boobs...

But that's not what this post is's about my two favorite things: (no, not eating and drinkingblack and gold.  Aside from her almost-too-short-but-she-can-do-it-because-she's-young cream lace dress, she's working the black and gold accessories, which happen to balance the sweetness of cream and lace.  I've always liked this combination and the contrast of something feminine with something tough and masculine.  While you will not see me in a dress that's barely covering my Britney*, you may see me with one or more of the below accessories.  (Hint: I'll be in the Forever 21 $4.90 knock off version of the $75 House of Harlow necklace.)


*Top image is all over Pinterest, but no one is naming the original source.  If you know it, please share so I can credit appropriately.

*"Britney" - as in, the decade-old inappropriate picture of her stepping out of a car.  Only for Paris and Lohan to follow, but my lady parts are nicknamed after the original, athankyouverymuch.  


Aspiring New Moms said...

I love the black and gold! I have been sporting the black polish on my toes all summer and LOVE IT! Thanks for the inspiration :)

Anna said...

love black and gold - so Chanel-Audrey Hepburn-classic-elegance. Love it. Don't love post-breastfeeding boobs though. You'd think they'd go back to your original size. Not a cup smaller. Dislike.

Katherine said...

This is a gorgeous inspiration photo! I love black and gold, it's such a rich combination. Thank you for posting :)


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