July 13, 2011

Need to get away?

Our dear friends took a little vacay to Nantucket over the fourth of July and were kind enough to share their pictures.  They weren't, however, kind enough to take me with them.  (Geesh, who are these people I run with?)  When you see the pics, you'll know why we aren't talking to them right now...

  The entrance to their hotel/b&b. Like a preppy little fairy tale.

I love a shingled house.  And a winery.  Could it get any better than this?

Yes, it just did.  Great weather, live outdoor music.  Bikes everywhere.
I've died and gone to preppy, blue-blood heaven.

The hubs had a Grand Wagoneer like this in college.  It was red.
It drove itself off a mountain.  He loved it so much that 
he ran after it and saved it. And they lived happily ever after.

The entrance to the beach club, or as I like to call it, therapy.

This picture is about the time we stopped talking to them.
That's just mean.

And the best one of all....


Juggling in Heels said...

I did not need to just read this and realize that I too need a vacation to Nantucket. Looks amazing.

Make Mommy Chic said...

Hi, I just discovered your blog- it's really cute and I love connecting with other fashionable moms. Your nantucket trip looks heavenly, especially the beach. Am following you now :)

Aspiring New Moms said...

A vacation sounds wonderful, and these are beautiful pictures. I love the Island Company's slogan!
You have a super cute blog ;)

Anna said...

I could sure use a getaway.. I'm headed to Niagara Falls in the near future... ah, the wait kills me.

The HIdden List said...

No wonder you're not speaking anymore! I'm mad at them for not taking me and I don't even know them! Sending such "refreshing" pics while we're here swimming in sweat with 100+ temps is cruel and unusual punishment!

Finley said...

I know, right?! How glorious does this look??? We need a vacation!!


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