June 17, 2011

Photoshop tutorial - Text

After yesterday's tutorial, you're now able to create a new document and work with layers.  You should have a basic Photoshop document like this:
(This is from one of my old posts.)

Now, to add text on your new board, select the Text tool:

At the top, you will see drop down menus for font, size, alignment, and color.  You can also see this by going to Window > Character.  This will open up a separate Character/Paragraph window like your Layers window.

Now, with the Text tool selected, click and drag the cursor to make a box.  Once the box is made, the cursor will start blinking.  That is where your text will begin.

Once finished, click the check mark in the top gray bar.  This "commits" current edits.

And you're done!  If you want to move the text box around, make sure you have the correct Text layer selected in your Layers window, then select the Move tool, and click and drag the text box to the desired location.
Every new Text Box you create will add a new layer to your Layer Window.  Make sure you move the text layer over the image layer so it is visible.

You can make changes to the fonts and colors in the Character Window anytime before or after you're written your text.  Select the correct Text layer and make any adjustments.

So now you have your own customized inspiration board to create your looks, rooms, designs, anything your creative mind desires!

Remember to save your file every once in a while:  File > Save As > PSD.  Save it as a Photoshop document in order to continue editing it, then save a copy as a .jpg or .gif to use on the web.

If you have any other tips you'd like to share, or any other questions, please leave a comment.

Happy editing!


Anonymous said...

Great post and I LOVE the Orange!!

Julia said...

Just discovered your blog. Love the diversity of your topics.

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

so lovely. x hivenn

The Hidden List said...

I need a personal tutorial! Thanks so much for doing this! it's so helpful!!


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