June 6, 2011

{DIY} Easy kids pants

Is it just me, or are kids clothes getting just as expensive as mine?  If you calculate the cost per wear, they're practically the same as a Lanvin.  (Exaggerate, much?  And can I use that argument to buy this dress?)

My mother and grandmother used to sew some of our clothing when we were little, but the sewing gene seems to have skipped a generation. <Insert Asian seamstress joke here.  No, I don't do alterations.  No, I don't run a small sweat shop.>  Well, Dana at MADE has a great tutorial for pants that makes it look so easy even I might be able to whip up a pair when the Bitty outgrows his every two weeks.  If only I were so ambitious to clean off my dining table and whip out the sewing machine.

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