June 29, 2011

Blue me away

I'm absolutely in love with the simplicity of this outfit. A basic white tee and belted skirt make a bold statement when the skirt is a gorgeous, pleated, just-below-the-knee, cobalt blue. Hair in a bun, nude shoes, cuff bracelet - perfectly styled.


Why this works: The skirt is longer, which makes such a bright color more sophisticated and ladylike.  Because the skirt is below her knee, the nude heels elongate her legs.  (If you can't walk around in heels all day, nude or soft gold ballet flats or sandals would also work.)  No extravagant layers of jewelry needed here.  A knotted necklace and cuff bracelet complement the skirt without overpowering.  A couple of layered, delicate necklaces could work too, but I prefer one big piece. 

Dig into your closet (which you can do now that you've waxed it) and find a similar look that you could try.  Then email me so I can brag about imparting some of my useless knowledge to the world.  (Like this nugget.)

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