May 20, 2011

Design for dogs

For most people, their four-legged babies are just as much a part of the family as any of the two-legged members, so it's no surprise that some home owners have incorporated their pets into the design of their home.

I love these two kitchens just as they are, but I also like where they've
placed the dog bowls to keep them out of the way.
North Shore Kitchen traditional kitchen

Seaside whimsy in Centerville, MA eclectic kitchen

They say the heart of the home is in the kitchen where everyone gathers, so why not
have a place for Max* and Lulu* to lay with everyone?
(I just made those up, but don't they look like a Max and a Lulu?)
Minnesota Private Residence traditional kitchen

This is the perfect spot for your nosy-old-neighbor pet who likes to watch what
everyone's doing and report back with daily neighborhood gossip.  
"You wouldn't believe what that ol' cat Marmalade was doing yesterday with 
Princess Snowball.  And don't get me started on how many times Oscar marked the tree."
Shirley Corwin traditional kitchen

It's hard to find a place for doggie doors, especially when your doors are glass.
This little dog door is in the wall, right under the window, where it looks like
part of the light and airy design.
Chestnut Hill kitchen modern kitchen

This is the best idea!  A dog wash built into the garage storage with steps so
no more bending down into the bathtub! This is a definite must in my next home.
San Francisco Custom Multi-Use Garage contemporary entry
contemporary entry design by san francisco general contractor Dijeau Poage Construction

Do you have any pets and any special places for them?

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Krista Salmon said...

Ohhh, I LOVE that dog wash. Thanks for sharing, Finley!


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