April 16, 2011

White hot weekend

I have an old white suit that I've worn about 3 times since I bought it 5,349 seasons ago.  I love the fit of the blazer but the pants have, ahem, "shrunk in the wash".  So now my nail-the-interview-white-suit has turned into my spring-weekend-casual-white-blazer.  Worn with a soft cotton tee, baggy denim shorts and sandals, my favorite suit jacket has found new life.  Unfortunately, the pants are waiting for the 30-day workout to show results.

Here's a similar look:
blazer (86.99 orig 150)  shorts (17.80)  tee (21.00)  bib necklace (16.99)  ball necklace (26.90)  sandals (49.00)

If you have an old blazer, you could crop the sleeves to give it a more casual and modern feel like the one above.  Denim shorts are best when worn a little baggy and not too short or tight.  Even though the 70's style is back, trashy is not.  Shorts not your thing?  Try boyfriend jeans for a similar, easy look.

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