April 18, 2011

Home makeover 3

Here's the third and final inspiration board for our living room. Maybe. My very clever husband picked out everything in this board. (Well, I picked the books, but he approved.) He loves the Arne Norell lounge (3) and floor task lamp (1) and I love how the brass butler's table (2) warms up the chrome in both. The cowhide rug (4) gives the area some texture and allows for a visual break from the hardwood floor and leather chair (both similar in color).

1 Rowan Pharmacy Task Floor Lamp  2 Brass Butlers Table   3 Arne Norell Lounge  4 Cowhide rug  5 Coffee table books

What do you think?  Too many cow parts in this room with the leather and rug?  Maybe I should throw in a sheepskin rug instead. 

See boards 1 and 2 here.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I vote for 3!! Love the chair! To die for!


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