March 11, 2011

March Madness

I just looked at my last few posts and realized they've all welcomed the weekend with open arms.  I guess the last couple of weeks have been busier than I realized!  Oh well, it's March.  It's fashion's biggest month of the season.  And it's what buys momma a new pair of shoes.

So in the interest of keeping you reading through this Friday-yearning period, here are a couple of looks that I would have loved to try pre-baby:

A fun, sweet skirt juxtaposed with a chambray shirt and wide waist belt.  
Little House on the Prairie meets Sex and the City.

Ok, so I could wear this post-baby, except my belly is in no shape for baring.  
Maybe a flow-ier lace top that hides all evidence of pregnancy would work.  
But only if I had the necklace.

1 comment:

Shy, Chesterfield said...

I love that first look. Now all I have to do is find that kind of skirt!



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