February 28, 2011

Gray days

Someone told me that she wears bright colors when she's tired to brighten her face and (hopefully) detract from the circles under her eyes.  So today, I looked for a bright color in my closet and the best I could come up with was a gray tee.  It worked with the cloudy morning.  I have a problem wearing bright colors on gray days.

I was also wearing a blazer with the sleeves rolled, and while it's different than your average suit-y jacket, you can't see the details in my horrible self-portraits, so it came off.  And I actually wore flats all day but threw on heels for an afternoon meeting.  They stayed on through the commute home because sometimes, a girl's be gotta taller than an eight-yr-old.

The soft, slouchy tee with blazer and stretchy skinny pants are so comfortable, I think I'll wear this for the rest of the week.  I might change up the accessories....but probably not.

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