December 1, 2010

We interrupt your regulary scheduled program...

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I started this blog for a mommy-friend of mine who asked me to help her not dress like a mom.  She specifically said: "I want to look like you but I don't have your budget and can't chase a 3-yr old in 5 inch heels and dry-clean-only."  

And then I had a baby so I don't have my budget anymore either. 

I've come to realize that all this online window-shopping is making me want to buy buy buy and I have a lot lot lot of clothes (and shoes), most of which I don't wear.  So I'm trying to 1) get rid of clothes I don't want anymore 2) stop buying things and 3) wear more of what I own and make clever new outfits out of the million things in my closet.  And since I'm horrible both in-front-of and behind a camera and because I don't have a photographer boyfriend/partner/husband, you probably won't see a lot of those old-made-new outfits.  (Though I could write a colorful description of what I wear each day and you can use your imagination to make it more fabulous than it really is.)

So I'm taking a little hiatus from fashion posting (unless sometimes I feel like it, because, hey, it's my blog and I can post what I want) and you'll probably see a lot of randomness (see previous side note).  I hope it will still entertain you - maybe even more so - and we can still be friends.  Or at least casual acquaintances that smile and say hi when we pass each other in public.

Either way, enjoy the holiday season and steer clear of bargain-hunting-people-stomping crowds.

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