December 27, 2010

Out of Office: will not return until...

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Don't you just love turning on your "Out of Office" response and knowing that you won't have to check an email, answer a call, or go to another long meeting for a while?

You would think with all this free time one would pay a little more attention to one's blog.  You would think wrong.  Instead, one has successfully hosted two delicious Christmas Eve Eve and Christmas Eve dinners (yes, two eves, two dinners) and enjoyed an over-the-top Christmas brunch with the family.

One of the dinners consisted of horseradish crusted prime rib, prosciutto green beans, garlic mashed potato, french silk pie and sopapilla cheesecake.  That's about 3,298 calories in one meal.  And worth every. single. one.

How were your holidays?

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