November 22, 2010

Almost over it

I'm still sick.  That's what happens when you work when you should be in bed.  Yesterday I finally changed out of my pj's and put on a pair of jeans.  Still wearing a basic Gap tee, but at least I changed out of yoga pants.  On a quick trip to the store, I found some accessories in my car (seriously, my crap is everywhere) which came in handy and made me feel a little more put together --- just in case I run into someone I haven't seen in 10 years and it's on the one day that I feel like death.  Isn't that when it usually happens anyway?

I received both of these necklaces as gifts.  The freshwater pearls are from my mom's friend whom I've never met (but wasn't that generous of her?) and the silver necklace was in a goody bag.  I'm usually not one to wear a simple silver necklace, but I love this one.  First, it has two vintage love birds (like me and the Mister) and second, it looks like an old wax stamp so it's not just another basic disc. 

So that's as much as I've done the past four days.  Hope you had a more productive weekend...

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