September 8, 2010

The "skinny" on The Skinny

News flash: YOU can wear skinny pants!  Yes, you.  In the back.  Wearing the boot cut jeans.  From college.  Remember that time in your life?  Well life didn't stop there.  And now it's time to catch up.

Below are a few tips on how you can finally get into a pair of skinnies without feeling like Pat Benatar.  (Though, if you did, it would almost be acceptable as 80's fashion has come back full circle.  That's another story.)
  1. Keep proportions in mind.  Skinny legs mean a fuller top.  This doesn't mean you have to look like Sponge Bob Square Pants, just don't wear a tight top with a tight bottom or you will end up looking more like Peggy Bundy.
  2. Wear a longer top that drapes to hide hips.  I hear the complaint that a woman can't wear skinny pants because her hips are too big.  Hide them under a long cardigan or tunic top.  Done.
  3. Pick the right fabric.  Many designers have skinny pants in a double-knit/ponte or scuba fabric.  These are incredibly comfortable and perfect for running around all day or going out to a nice dinner with the simple change of shoes and accessories.  If you're new to the skinny leg look, avoid a thin cotton/nylon legging as these do not have the same amount of coverage to hide all the dips and dimples.
  4. Create an illusion.  If you're uncomfortable with a full moon, find a pair with faux-pockets.  This gives the eye a visual break from all of the rear end real estate, but doesn't add the actual bulk of a pocket.
  5. One (overused) word: Jeggings.  Jean leggings are now every where and a very comfortable alternative to skinny jeans.  Again, find a pair with faux-pockets if you want to feel more like you're wearing a pair of jeans.

Skinnies are a low-maintenance and easy addition to your wardrobe.  Unlike your wide leg or boot cut pants, the skinny pant can go back with any heel height (bunch it up at the ankle for a flat or wear it longer for a heel) or they can be worn tucked into boots.  There's no need to commit the hem to a particular shoe.

Now you have the perfect excuse to go out and buy a new pair of tall fall boots.  You're welcome.

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